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Design  Strategy of Architecture Lighting

Conservation  on Chinese Traditional Architecture Lighting

Green Lighting  (Strategy of Natural-Artificial Lighting Combine)

Visual  Environment of the Museum



Doctor of  Engineering, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2005

Bachelor in  Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2001



Lecturer  (09/2005-present), School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing,  China



Zhang Xin,  Zhan Qingxuan. Research on protecting the interior luminous environment  of the JuanQin Studio in the Palace Museum, Supported by WMF and the  Palace Museum.2005-2006

Zhang Xin,  Zhan Qingxuan, Yin Sijin. Supported by "863" Program - Research on  System Integration in the LED Scalization (2006AA03A170). Lighting  planning and design, analysis on system integration, system evaluation  and standard in National Gymnasium and Games Village; 2006-2008

Zhang Xin,  Zhan Qingxuan. Supported by Guangzhou Administration Office of Major  Public Construction Projects; Lighting research on Guangzhou Games  Village and stadiums, 2007

Zhang Xin.  Supported by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design; Lighting  Planning consultation on Olympic Park, 2007-2008

Zhang Xin.  Supported by Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Consulting Company (Taiwan).  Research on technology of sunlight guidance system’s application in  Beijing, 2007-2009

Zhang Xin.  Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (50708047),  Research on luminous environment protection of Chinese traditional  architecture, 2008-2010

Zhang Xin.  Supported by Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation (8083028);  Research on architecture lighting technology of sunlight guidance  system’s application in the underground space’s of Beijing, 2008-2010

Zhang Xin, Yan  Xianliang, Zhan Qingxuan. Supported by Ministry of Culture; Research on  standard’s system of lighting in fine art museums, 2008




Architectural  Design (10 students in spring and autumn)

Architects  practices (90 students in spring)

Practices in  construction site (90 students in spring)


Environment of  Architecture Physics (10 students in autumn)



Social organization

Center of  Building Environment Examine, Lighting Room Director

“Professional  Lighting Design” (Chinese Press), Subeditor

Member of  International Dark Sky Association (IDA)

Member of a  council in China Illuminating Engineering Society

The CIE  Representative of Third Division



Journal papers

1.   Zhang Xin. Landscape  lighting’s style of subject on plantChina  Illuminating Engineering Journal,2004(3):54-56

2.   Zhang Xin. Elementary  research on gardens plant illuminationProfessional  Lighting Design,2004(07/08):48-53

3.   Zhan Qingxuan, Zhang Xin.  Preliminary research on nightscape of ‘new north royal gardens’ - review  on nightscape of Changpu River Park. City Planning Review,2004(9):58-60

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7.   Zhang Xin. Pure intuition  - about two galleries of the Palace Museum. Professional Lighting  Design,2006(01/02):20-21

8.   Zhang Xin. Traditional  lighting is immateriality element needed for conservation. Professional  Lighting Design,2006(05/06):24-25

9.   Liu Jia, Hao Chunrong,  Zhang Xin. Urban lighting planning on the Pingyao. Professional Lighting  Design,2006(05/06):33-35

10.  Zhang Xin. Lighting  showroom in Europe. Professional Lighting Design,2006(07/08)

11.  Zhang Xin. Exploration for  lighting design education in the special times. Professional Lighting  Design,2006(11/12)

12.  Zhang Xin. Tour resources  of nightscape and its planning strategy - Beijing as an example. China  Illuminating Engineering Journal,2007(01)

13.  Palace Museum Juanqin  Studio Preservation Work Group and Tsinghua University Architecture  Institute. Study of the optical environment in Junqin Studio and its  effects on relic’s preservation: second report on work stages in the  preservation of Juanqin Studio. Palace Museum Journal. 2008(02)

14.  Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan.  Research on Comparing the Colour Temperature and Colour Rendering of the  Gallery Surface Material’s Reflected LightChina  Illuminating Engineering Journal,2008(2):30-32

15.  Zhang Xin. Lighting review  on National Gymnasium. Professional Lighting Design,2008(07/08)

16.  Zhang Xin. Lighting review  on Games Village. Professional Lighting Design,2008(07/08)

17.  Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan.  Research on Lighting Ecological Functional Regionalization and  Evaluation System for Urban Green Lighting Planning - Research on Green  Lighting Planning and Evaluation System in Guangzhou Asian Olympic  Village. China Illuminating Engineering Journal, 2008(4)

Selected conference proceedings

1.    Zhang Xin. Rational  principle of visual environment design on fine art museum. China  IES(2005)conference

2.    Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan, Wang Dongning, Liu Chang, Wang Shiwei. Research on interior luminous environment protection  in the Palace Museum’s Juanqinzhai. Commission Internationale de  L'eclatrage 2007

3.    Zhang Xin, Zhan Qingxuan,  Comparing research on the color temperature and color rendering of the  gallery surface material’s reflected light. AIC 2007 Color Science for  Industry Midterm Meeting of the International Color Association.


Zhang Xin, Xu  Hua, Zhan Qingxuan. Landscape Lighting. Beijing: China Architecture &  Building Press.

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