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Science of environmental behavior

The diversity of theatrical building  and the difficulties of management in China after rapid development of  theater

Inheritance and development of the  culture of architecture

“Localization and Globalization” and  its related theoretical problems

Technology of sustainable development  of ecological settlement and underestimated climate impact to local  architecture



Tsinghua University, 1947 -1952

Graduating from the Department of  Architecture of Tsinghua University for a Bachelor’s degree in 1952, and  teaching in the department ever since


1952-present, School of Architecture,  Tsinghua University, China

Lecturer, 1956

Associate Professor, 1979

Professor, 1983

Ph.D. Mentor, 1985

Head of Department of Architecture,  19831988

The founding Dean of the School of  Architecture , 19881990

Visiting professor, Carnegie Mellon  University, Pittsburg, PA U.S.A., 1993

Class 1 Registered Architect (PRC),  1996

Member of the Chinese Academy of  Engineering, 1999



Senior Adviser to Architectural Design  and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co., Ltd.

Senior Adviser to China Urban Planning  and Research Institute

Senior Adviser to Shanghai Urban  Administration Institute

Honorary Council Member of the China  Society of Architecture

Honorary Council Member of the World  Chinese Architectural Association

Economic Adviser to Hefei City



[1]. Undergraduate course

Theory of architecture combing with  architectural designs

[2]. Graduate course

Science of environmental behavior

Western drama·history  of theatre and recent developments

Course on Habitat  Environment


Basic  Research(Research  topics and main collaborators)

Self – developed based on topics from Capital Planning  Commission, Beijing Municipality, National Foundation of Natural Sciences , Commissioned by the enterprise


I  Theoretical Research  1959  to today

[1].Design principles of architecture   1960 – 1963

[2].Research on Environmental Behavior   1979 – 1999

[3].Environment--Behavior preliminary  research (Hu Zhengfan)  1980 - 1982

[4].Paying attention to the  application of ecological principles in planning (the eight principles  of   Biocybernetics ) 1981-1982

[5].An architectural outlook of a new  viewpoint of compromise  1982-1999

[6].Architectural planning theory:  Investigation of design methodology (Zhuang Weimin) 1986 - 1991

[7].Architectural form and the new  regionalism (Yu Lifang)  1987 - 1989

[8].Homeresidential  form research (Du Yun)  1989 -1991

[9].A preliminary exploration on CBD  planning theory of the contemporary cosmopolitan cities (Li Pei)    1992-1997

[10].Exploration on the theoretical  framework and applicable techniques of contemporary sustainable  buildings (Wang Chaohui)  1996-1999

[11].A Study of Hilde Heynen’s Thoery  of Architecture and Modernity 2001-2004

[12].Preliminary study on traditional  passive micro-climate garden (Wang Zhishan)  2004-2006


II  Research on drama, theatre  buildings and their historical development 1958 to today

1. The historical development of  External dramas and theatres

[1].Western drama and achievement of  theater design 1979-1993

[2].Study on the thrust stages   1980  - 1982

[3].Design and feasible studies on the  international conference centres (including theatres) 1984 - 1986

[4].Exploration on the architectural  schemes of modern performing arts centre 1990 - 1992

[5].Spatial form conversion in  theatrical performance (Liang Jing) 1986 - 1988

[6].Study on the multiple-use and  adaptability of contemporary architecture for performing arts 1992 -  1994

[7].Japanese dramas and theatres (Lu  Xiangdong) 1992 - 1994

[8].A brief history of Western concert  halls and their modern development 1995 - 1997

[9].Research on post war western drama  and theater design (Fu Yingjie) 1996

[10].Contemporary  western performing arts building mixed-use trends and implications for China  (Peng Xiangguo) 2012

2. Contemporary Development of  Chinese Drama and Theatre

[1].Research  on the problem of sightline in the  auditorium  1958-1959

[2].Research on the music halls,  auditorium, theaters 1984-1986

[3].Chinese  theatre in the first half of 20th century (Zhang Hua) 1987

[4].Evaluation of Shanghai theatre  after use (Xu Jin) 1987-2005

[5].The architectural environment of  performing arts centre and the Acoustic simulation National foundation  of natural sciences   (Wang Binglin) 1990 -1995

[6].Evaluation of Hangzhou Gulf  theatre (Shen Fu) 2003-2005

[7].Research on development of China  modern theatre (Lu Xiangdong) 1995-2005

[8].Research on renew of methods used  in Chinese theatre design under Market-oriented operation (Wang Yue)  2007-2010

[9].Research on Chinese new performing  and arts building and its strategy in the view of operation ——  in Chengdu  (Cheng Yi) 2011-2013


III. Study on urban renovation,  city/ town planning and buildings

[1].Toward  new balance -The reconstruction and renovation of the old urban  districts of Beijing (He Hongyu) 1985 -1991

[2].The reconstruction and renovation  of Beijing’s old urban districts--a study on the reconstructive planning  and constructive schemes of Zhu Zhong Chang district Beijing(Austria  Art University, Hu Baolin)1986-1988、

[3].Study on problems of the integrity  and historical continuity in the renovation of old cities  (Zhang  Hua)1987 - 1990

[4].Study on several problems on the  planning and construction of small cities and towns in Jiangsu and  Zhejiang (Wang Lifang) 1989-1992

[5].Urban space research on Zhong  Guancun Institute of Physics, Sitong bridge and Haidian library (Zhao  zhengxiong) 1999-2002

[6].The evolution of the urban retail  business buildings of China (Liu Nianxiong) 1993-1995

[7].Study on the development and  design of shopping mall (Liu Nianxiong) 1996-1998

[8].Sichuan mountainous architecture  research (Dai Jing) 1996-1998

[9].Study on the renovation of the  historical pedestrian commercial streets in the transitional period of  economy (Xue Boyin) 1998-2000

[10].A preliminary exploration on the  modern urban planning strategy of Barcelona (Dai Linlin) 2003-2005

[11].Influences of big events on the  urban space of Barcelona (Dai Linlin) 2005-2007

[12].Study on the overall protection  of the historical location (Deng Qiaoming) 2005

[13].Preliminary study on Chinese  ruins museum architecture design (Cui Haiguang) 2008-2009


IV. Study on the ecological  planning and sustainable buildings  

[1].Preliminary  research on ecological and sustainable area in small town Wang Fang1996-2000

[2].Ecological buildings and  sustainable development and the practice of international circle of  architecture in the 21st century  1999-2000

[3].China’s ecological residential  quarters facing the 21st century – expectation of being green and  diversified  2001、

[4].Residential quarters environmental  pre-evaluation and related techniques in practice (Shi Qing, Chen Ganhui),  Entrusted by Xingchen Garden (a joint-venture of Malaysia, Hong Kong and  China) 2002-2008


Architectural   DesignBeing  the leading architect (with main collaborators)

Projects from Cultural Ministry, Central Military Commission , Capital Planning  Commission, city governments, Tsinghua University, self-development


I  Design of theatre buildings

[1].Architectural design of the  National Grand Theatre (it was not built owing to the nation’s economic  difficulties.)(Huang Baoqing, Zhang Jiazhang, Hu Shaoxue, Tian Xuezhe,  Xu Hongzhuang, Pan Guoqiang)  1958-1960

[2].Architectural design of the PLA  Theatre (it was not built owing to the nation’s economic  difficulties)(Hu Shaoxue, Zhang Yaozeng, Wen Yehong and others)  1959-1960

[3].Schematic design of the Orient Art  Mansion (Xu Yingguang, Lu Liansheng, Zhuang Weimin, Xu Liyan architects associate;HongKong)  1985-1991

[4]. Renovation design of China  Children Theatre (Zhang Hua, Yuan Bin, Chen Yanqing) 1987-1991

[5].Renovation design of the Tianqiao  Theatre,(Zhuang Weimin, Lu Xiangdong, Huang Hongxi) 1987-1993,

[6].Architectural scheme design A of  the feasibility study of the National Grand Theatre (Fu Yingjie, Zhuang  Weimin, Wang Binglin, Li Jinkui, Lu Xiangdong, Liu Nianxiong, Fang Ke)  1991-1992

[7].Schematic design of Dalian  Economic Development Zone Theatre (Li Pe, Fu Yingji, Lu Xiangdong)  1993-1995

[8].Renovation design of the Tianqiao  Theatre (Zhuang Weimi, Lu Xiangdong and others) 1993-1999

[9].The first round of the  international design competition of the architectural scheme design of  the National Grand Theatre, (Hu Shaoxue, Zhuwang Weimin, Zhu Wenyi, Wu  Yaodong, Guo Xun, Lu Xiangdong, Song Hailin and others) 1998

[10].The sixth round of the  international design competition of the architectural scheme design of  the National Grand Theatre, (Hu Shaoxue, Zhuang Weimin, Zhu Wenyi, Zhang  Yaodong Lu Xiangdong, Song Hailin and others) 1999

[11].Taizhou City Centre of Culture  and Art, (Cui Guanghai, Fan Lu, Li Luke, Dai Linlin) Taizhou, 2001-2006

[12].Schematic design of the New  Tsinghua School (Lu Xiangdong, Cui Guanghai, Fan Lu, Peng Xiangguo,  LiXiaomei, Wang Yue, Dai Linlin) 2006-2010


 Design for Different Types of Miscellaneous Buildings       

[1].Design of the students’  dormitories of Tsinghua University No.1-4  (Wang Guoyu, Zhou Weiquan),  Beijing, 1953-1955

[2].The architectural design of  Yuanwang Building — the guest house of the science and engineering  committee of State Defence Ministry, (Wang Meijuan) 1979

[3].Home of Architects, (Hu Shaoxue,  Yuan Ying, Yu Lifang, Hu Rongrui and others) 1983

[4].Schematic design of the 844  project of the Central Military Commission, (Hu Shaoxue, Yuan Ying, Hu  Rongrui, Li Wei and others) 1986

[5].Planning and architectural design  of Beiheyan in the renovation of the deteriorated buildings in Beijing,  (Chen Yanqing, Fan Qiang and others) 1992-1994

[6].Planning of  the 9th and 37th blocks of Dalian’s Economic Development Zone  (Wang BinglinLi  PeiFu  Yingjie) 1992

[7].The consultant scheme of Huairen  hall reconstruction (Lu Xiangdong and others) 19941995、

[8].The scheme design of the Ji Yuan  Square(Ji Yuanzhen, Zhuang Weimin, Lu Xiangdong, Liu Nianxiong), 1995

[9].The mansion of the Agricultural  Engineering University (Ji Yuanzhen, Lu Xiangdong, Liu Nianxiong and  others) 1998

[10].The scheme design of the Cheng  Jian Tower chosen as the executive one, (Ji Yuanzhen, Zhuang Weimin, Guo  Xun, Liu Nianxiong and others) 1996

[11].Architectural design of the villa  of the National Political Consultative Conference (Lu Xiangdong),  Beidaihe, 1996

[12].The elevation design of the Tower  of the Central Military Commission was conducted by Professor. Li  Daozeng 1996-1999


Awards  Granted

[1]. Granted of the certificate of  “young-and-middle-aged experts having made outstanding” contributions to  the Nation by the State Personnel Ministry in 198;

[2]. Awarded of the special subsidy of  experts given by the government for their outstanding contributions  since 1991

[3]. Architectural design of the  project of the renovation of China National Theater for Children in  Beijing: was awarded third prize by the National Educational Committee  and the Ministry of Construction in 1993;

[4].Architectural design of the  project of the renovation of Tianqiao Theatre:

Was awarded Number One of the Ten Best  Schemes of the Capital’s Buildings and second prize (there was no first  prize) of the excellent design scheme in the creation of architectural  art and was also awarded a certificate of merit in 1997;

Was granted a third prize certificate  in the ministry-level excellent exploration and design assessment in  2003 (the date of the issuance of the certificate is April, 2004)

Was awarded “the grand prize of the  architectural creation” by China Society of Architecture in 2009 during  the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC.

[5].The design of the students’  dormitories of Tsinghua University No. 1-4: was awarded “the grand prize  of the architectural creation” by China Society of Architecture in 2009  during the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC

[6]. Pre-evaluation of the ecological  environment of the 8th phase of the project of the Xinchen Garden and  the model of ecological technique, 2002-2008One  of the first green ecological residential quarters awarded by Guangdong  Province Real Estate Association and the experimental model of  human-living ecological construction, awarded by China Ecology  Association.

[7].Architectural design of the  Diaoyutai International Conference Center: the 3rd grade prize in 1982  in the nationwide design scheme competition

[8].Architectural design of Home of  Architects: the first place in 1983 scheme design competition by China  Architects Association

[9].Was granted in 2012 “A hundred  Chinese architects” by China Society of Architecture


Published   Articles(Li  Daozeng and main collaborators)

[1].About the research on the problem  of sightline in the auditorium ( Design Group of the National Theatre  Project)

Journal of Tsinghua University, 1959

[2].Space in all epoch

World Architecture, March, 1980

[3].An exploration on the development  of tourism buildings in distinguished mountains and at scenic spots

(Shan Deqi and others)、

 Architects, April, 1980

[4].Paying attention to the  application of ecological principles in planning (the eight principles  of   Biocybernetics )

World Architecture, March, 1982

[5].Introducing a useful teaching  reference book for readers of World Architecture, “A Pattern Language by  Christopher Alexander” (Gao Yelan),

World Architecture March, 1985

[6].Post-war urban design in UK:  Coventry and Runcorn , Translated by Li Daozeng

World Architecture  October, 1985

[7].Drama theatre (Gong Hede) (an entry of Encyclopaedia Sinica, chapter of ArchitectureLandscapeUrban  Planning, the 2nd Edition)

China Encyclopaedia Press, 1986

[8].The speech summary of  architectural design forum about Queli Hotel, Qufu

Architecture Journal, January, 1986

[9].Making the past serve the present,  and foreign things serve China --- on the creative thinking of the Home  of Architects

Architecture  Journal, February,  1986、

[10].The execution scheme of Home of  Architects ( Hu Shaoxue, Yuan Ying and other people)

Architecture Journal, March, 1986

[11].Light and heat of a generation of  a master teacher

Architecture Journal, September, 1986

[12].Concert Hall(an  entry of Encyclopaedia Sinica, chapter of  ArchitectureLandscapeUrban  Planning)

Encyclopedia of China Publishing  House, 1987

[13].Architectural creations – the  supporting column for improving the level of teaching and scientific  research

Architecture Journal, April, 1988

[14].The courtyard houses in Beijing  -An academic report at the Architecture Association in Vienna, 1989

[15].Robert Venturi on the design of  the new National Gallery in London

World Architecture, January, 1989

[16].China. A National Survey  (Cambridge Encyclopedia), Cambridge Encyclopedia Publisher, 1989

[17].A present for the city --- the  overall design of China Children’s Theatre ( Zhang Hua)

New Architecture, March, 1991

[18].Post-modern cities march toward  the past

World Architecture, May, 1991

[19].Strive forward despite  difficulties – an abstract of Li’s speech at the seminar ‘Prospect for  the Future’ of the World Architecture Day

Architecture Journal, September,  1991/Architects, May, 1992

[20].Features of the vernacular  building in southern Anhui 

An academic report delivered at  Carnegie Mellon University when invited as a visiting professor, 1993/

An academic report of Vienna Society  of Architecture,  1993

[21].The development trend of American  shopping mall

World Architecture, March, 1994

[22].Broad perspective and compromise  with concrete conditions

Diversified Views on Architecture,  1998

[23].An architectural outlook of a new  viewpoint of compromise

World Architecture, June, 1998

[24].The  construction of ecological demonstration district, the implementation of  the strategy of sustainable development

Academic Communication Conference  Report of the School of Architect, Tsinghua University, 2000

[25].Marching toward a new sustainable  eclectic Architecture

Architecture Journal, December, 2000

[26].Preface to A Preliminary  Exploration on the Planning Theories of Contemporary global CBD (by  Li Pei)

China Architecture Industry Press,  2000

[27].P.O.E. of the audience hall of  the Shanghai Grand Theatre (Xu Jin) 

China Engineering Science, 2000-3 /  Library of Classics of the Development of Science and Technology in  China, p.1339 of the issue of 2003

[28].Ecological buildings and the  sustainable development in the 21st century (the theme report at the  annual conference of the Association of Architect in 2000)

2001Conference Theses at the urban  management century forum, p. 55-56

[29].China’s ecological residential  quarters facing the 21st century – expectation of being green and  diversified

Thesis Collection of the 2001  Conference of the Union of International Architecture Centres,2001 /

New Techniques of Architecture,  January, 2001

[30].The practice of ecological  buildings in the international architectural circle

World Architecture, April, 2001

[31].An analysis to Michael Graves  creative ideas through a visit to his house

World Architecture, January, 2001

won the 3rd certificate in  the basic knowledge of color science and color selection.

[32].Preface to On Architectural  Programming (by Zhuang Weimin)

China Hydroelectric Press, 2001

[33].Enlightenment of the ecological  tourism city by Japanese HUISTENBOSCH

Annul Conference Proceedings  of China Society of Architecture,  2002

Residential Quarters, 2002 /Buildings  of 100 Years (abstract in Hong Kong)

[34].A rough analysis on  innovation-type talents

Selected from On Doing Research and  Cultivating Talents by Famous Teachers published by Tsinghua  University Press, 2003

[35].Global Localization and the  innovative transformation

World Architecture, January, 2004

[36].The use of “defamiliarization” in  architecture design

Silian Real Estate, May, 2004

[37].On innovative transformation in a  collection of architectural diversified understanding

China Architectural Industry Press,  2004

[38].Vienna is Really Vienna

Residential Quarters, April, 2005

[39].Culture is not culture without  its specific characteristics

Architecture and Culture, October,  2006

[40].Urban renovation and the  development of innovative industries (Luo Yan)

Residential Quarters, January,  2008

[41]. Viewing cities and buildings  from culture – overcoming the crises of characteristics

World Architecture, September, 2008

[42].Overcoming the sense of being  inferior in culture

A collection of theses of celebrating  the 10th anniversary of the founding of China Scientists Association,


[43].The inheritance and development  in the architectural culture

At the conference of celebrating the  6th anniversary of the founding of Shenyang City Scientists Association,  2009

[44].Theatrean  entry of Encyclopaedia Sinica, The Second Edition

Encyclopedia of China Publishing House  , 2009



[1].“Theatre architecture”,  interviewer: Wang Huadong, China Architectural Decoration, 2001

[2].New Tsinghua School---pursuing the  unity of real, kind and beauty, interviewer: Wen Aiping, Beijing  planning and construction  2010-4

[3].Designing Architecture of Tsinghua  with real, kind and beauty, interviewer: Zhang ? Zijing Journal, 2010-1

[4].“A life in Tsinghua:  West-and-east-combined family education, encountered Tsinghua in  teenagers,  entering Tsinghua and converted to Architecture Department”,  interviewer: Niu Chenlin, Liu Junyao  2009-06

[5].“How did people in your age study,  inherit and create?”, interviewer: Yang Shenmao, Xu Zhilan, Zhao Zhicong,  2011-01-04

[6].“From student to teacher, from  dean to academician: educator, thinker and architect”, Life of  Academy----A hundred Lectures of A hundred years celebration of Tsinghua  University, PresenterWan  ZhejunTextLiu  ZhengAttendeeLiu  Nianxiong2011-04-14


Published  Works

(一)Published  Books

[1].Composition  and techniques of architectural drawings  (chief editor)

Chapt1 The basic principle of picture  composition (writer)

Chapt2 The basic knowledge of color  science and the basic principle of color composition (writer)

China Industry Press, 1960

[2].History  of the Western Theatre and Playhouse(Vol. 1),Li  Daozeng, Tsinghua University Press, 1999

History of the Western Theatre  and Playhouse (Vol. 2)Li Daozeng and Fu  Yingjie, Tsinghua University Press, 1999

[3].Introduction  to Environmental Behaviour  , Li Daozeng,Tsinghua University Press,1999

[4].Garden  and Climate  (translated by Shen Fu and Wang Zhishan (by Chip Sullivan). proofread by  Li Daozeng, Architectural Industry Press, 2005

[5].Articles  Collection of Li Daozeng,  Li Daozeng, China Architectural Industry Press, 2006

[6].Selected  Works of Li Daozeng, Li Daozeng, Tsinghua University  Press, 2011


(二)Internal  Books

[1].The  Chinese Halls and Theatres,  Li Daozeng and Huang Baoqing were chief editors.

Department of Civil Engineering and  Architecture of Tsinghua University (Materials), 1960

[2].A  collection of foreign theatres , Li Daozeng and Huang Baoqing were chief editors.

Department of Civil Engineering and  Architecture of Tsinghua University (Materials), 1960

[3].Manual  of Theatre Design  , Li Daozeng and Huang Baoqing were chief editors.

Department of Civil Engineering and  Architecture of Tsinghua University (Materials), 1960

[4].A  summary of the design of a theatre with 2,300 seats,  Li Daozeng and Huang Baoqing were chief editors. Department of Civil  Engineering and Architecture of Tsinghua University (Materials), 1960

[5].Design  principles of architecture (chief editor)

Preface and the fifth chapter, the  space combination of architectural design (writer),Department of Civil  Engineering and Architecture of Tsinghua University,1963

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