Lyu(Lu) Zhou

Professor of Tsinghua University,  Beijing

Director of National Heritage  center, Tsinghua University

Council Member of ICCROM since  2003—2011

Vice President of ICOMOS-CHINA

Vice Chair of the Chinese World  Heritage Experts Committee

Council Member of Architectural  Society of China

President of Architectural  History Society of China



2003: UNESCO  Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage Conservation Award

2005: “Ha  Conferito l’Onorificenza di Cavaliere”

2011: UNESCO  Asian Pacific Cultural Heritage Conservation Award

2011: Award of  Conservation Work of China

2013: ICCROM  Award


conservation design

1985-2003,  Preservation of the Temple for Zhang Fei in Yun Yang County

Since 1994,  Preservation of historic buildings in Yun Yang County

1999-2001,  Conservation of Gongziting (one of former king’s garden), Beijing

2001,  Conservation Master Plan of Jinci historic site, Taiyuan

2001,  Conservation Master Plan of “Xue” historic site ( a part of Budala Palace – World Heritage), Lahasa

2001,  Conservation Master Plan of Gengzhitu in Summer Palace (World Heritage)  in Beijing

2003,  Conservation Master Plan of Ancient City Wall, Gushi, Henan Province

2003,  Preservation of the Historic Buildings in “Xue” historic site (a part of Budala Palace – World Heritage), Lahasa

2005,  Conservation Master Plan of Genghis khan’s Mausoleum, inner-Mongolia

2005,  Conservation Master Plan of the campus of Yanjing University, Beijing

2006,  Conservation Master Plan of Foguang Temple in Snanxi

2006,  Conservation Master Plan of Jiangnan Shipbuilding site in Shanghai

2007,  Conservation Master Plan of Haven Temple (World Heritage)

2007,  Conservation Master Plan of Binlin Grotto (site of Silk Road)

2008-2010,  Conservation design of ER-wang Temple and Fu-Long Temple (World  Heritage) after 512 Earthquake

2008-2010,  Conservation design of An-yue Grotto, Bao-en Temple after 512 Earthquake

2009,  Conservation plan and design of Long-hua Temple (Yunnan Province) after  earthquake

2011,  Conservation design of YuZhen Temple in Monument Wudang (World Heritage)


professional activity:

2002,  Evaluation Mission to THE COMPLEX OF THE KOGURYO TOMBS( in Democratic  People’s Republic of Korea) for WORLD HERITAGE LIST

2002,  Organizing of UNESCO Virtual Congress on World Heritage Management,  Beijing

2002, Monitor  and Evaluation of Conservation Management of Chinese projects in WORLD  HERITAGE LIST

2003-2011,Council Member of ICCROM

2004, the  cultural heritage consultant of the Chairperson of the 28th  World Heritage Committee Session

2000, 2005 and  2010 expert for evaluation and examination of the 5th, 6th  and 7th Chinese national cultural heritage list

2004-2006,  feasibility study for the World Heritage Research and Training Institute  in China

2009-2013,  Adviser of the World Heritage site nomination works of Kamakura,  Hiraizumi, Mt. Fuji and Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun in Japan.



Survey and  Research on the Main Hall of Fokuang Ssu (published by Cultural Relics  Press, 2011)

The  Investigation Report of Post-earthquake Rescue and Conservation of  Erwang Temple in Dujiangyan (published by Cultural Relics Press, 2010)

Cultural  Heritage Conservation 100 (published by Tsinghua University Press, 2011)

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