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Urban sociology, Urbanization and  migrants

Urban planning and design with nature  and humanities



Ph. D and M. Eng., School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2003-2010

Visiting Student, M. Arch Program,  Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong, 2003

B. Arch, School of Architecture,  Tsinghua University, 1999-2003



Associate Professor, Department of  Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  2016-present

Assistant Professor, Department of  Urban Planning, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2012-2016

Post-doctoral Research Fellow,  Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University,  2010-2012


Graduate Course: Issues in Urban  Sociology, 2015-present

Graduation Design Studio of Town  Master Planning (year-4), 2014

Graduation Design Studio of Urban and  Rural Planning (year-5), 2013

Undergraduate Course (year-3): Social  Comprehensive Investigation and Research in Urban and Rural Areas,  2015-present

Undergraduate Studio (year-3):  Residential Planning and Housing Design, 2013-present

Undergraduate Studio (year-3):  Architectural and Urban Design, 2004-2005

Undergraduate Studio (year-1):  Architectural Design, 2005-2006, 2013-present



[1]  Study  on Migrant’s Integration from a Spatial Perspective. National Social  Science Fund of China, 2016-2018 (PI)

[2]  Study  on Governance of Migrants’ Working Place in Megacities in the Context of  Decentralization. Humanity and Social Science Research Youth Foundation  of China's Ministry of Education, 2016-2018 (PI)

[3]   Study  on Forming Mechanism and Social Governance of Migrants’ Settlements in  Beijing. Social Science Foundation of Beijing, 2015-2016 (PI)

[4]  Study  on the Population Policy in Beijing under the Context of Coordinated  Development between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. Beijing  Outstanding Young Talent Funding, 2016-2019 (PI)

[5]  Regional  Design of Capital Region in Ancient China: A Case Study of  Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. First Class General Financial Grant from  China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2011-2012 (PI)

[6]  Human  Settlements and Social Stability Assessment and Community Reconstruction  under the Unconventional Emergency Circumstances. Sub-task of Key  Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013-2016 (PI)

[7]  Teaching  Method of City-learning Based “Urban and Rural Planning”. Tsinghua  University Undergraduate Teaching Reform Project, 2016-2018 (PI)

[8]  Study  on Social Structure and Class Change. Key Project of the National Social  Science Fund of China, 2015-2016 (sub-task leader)

[9]  Study  of Multi-Urbanization Development Strategy in China. Key Project of the  National Social Science Fund of China, 2010-2012 (sub-task leader)

[10]  Assessment Modeling of Urban Energy  Consumption and Carbon Emissions based on Spatial Structure and Form.  National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014-2017 (sub-task  leader)

[11]  The Third Report on the Rural and Urban  Spatial Development Planning Study for the Capital Region (Beijing,  Tianjin and Hebei). 2010-2013 (sub-task leader)

[12]  History of Human Settlements of China.  2010-2013 (sub-task leader)

[13]  Research on the Functional Evolution in  Mega-cities. Beijing Municipal Government, 2013-2014 (sub-task leader)

[14]  Research on the Population Migration and  Civilization in Urbanizing China. Chinese Academy of Engineering,  2011-2013 (key member)

[15]  China’s Urbanization and Labor Migration  Survey. National Project 985, 2009-2013 (sub-task leader)

[16]  Influence of information technology on  Society and Culture. Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information  Technology, 2011-2012 (sub-task leader)

[17]  "Nearby Urbanization" and "In situ  Urbanization" Mode in China. Center for Industrial Development and  Environmental Governance, Tsinghua University, 2012-2014 (sub-task  leader)

[18]  Comparative Study of Social Risk Perception  and Social Management between China and Korea. Asia Research Center in  Tsinghua University, 2011-2012 (key member)



[1]   Architectural  Environment Planning for the Middle Route of South-to-North Water  Diversion. 2006-2007 (key member)

[2]   Comprehensive Urban Design  and Detailed Urban Design of Key Areas for Beijing Sub City Center. 2016  (sub-task leader)

[3]  Urban  Landscape Planning for the Capital Steel Park, Beijing. 2015 (key  member)

[4]  Spatial  Development Strategy for Changping district, Beijing. 2013-2014  (sub-task leader)

[5]  Guangzhou  Population Development Strategy. 2010-2011 (sub-task leader)

[6]  Landscape  Protection Planning for Dianchi Lake Basin, Kunming. 2011-2012 (sub-task  leader)

[7]    Special  Study on Nantai Island in Fuzhou New district, Fujian Province. 2016  (sub-task leader)

[8]   Design for Dream of Red Chamber Museum, Nanjing. 2003-2010 (key member)

[9]  Spatial  Development Strategy for Jixian County, Tianjin. 2007-2008 (sub-task  leader)

[10]  Village Planning for Tayuan Village and  Lianhe Village, Jixian County, Tianjin. 2016-2017 (project leader)

[11]  Culture Route Planning for East Route of  Mt. Panshan Scenic Area, Jixian County, Tianjin. 2013-2014 (project  leader)

[12]  Conservation Planning for Jingji Mountain  Resort, Jixian County, Tianjin. 2007-2008 (project leader)



[1]   First  Prize of 7th Outstanding Achievements of Scientific Research  in Universities (humanities and social sciences), Chinese Ministry of  Education, 2015 (3/52)

[2]  Second  Prize of Best Paper Award, Chinese Sociological Association, 2014 (1/1)

[3]  Honorable  Mention, National Youth Urban Planning Paper Competition. Urban Planning  Society of China, 2013 (1/1)

[4]   Best  Paper Award, Urban Geography Research Committee, Chinese Geographical  Society, 2013 (1/1)

[5]   Honorable  Mention, National Youth Urban Planning Paper Competition. Urban Planning  Society of China, 2011 (1/1)

[6]   Third  Prize, National Youth Urban Planning Paper Competition. Urban Planning  Society of China, 2009 (1/1)

[7]   Silver  Award, Architecture Design Award (urban design), Architectural Society  of China, 2016 (9/15)

[8]  First  Prize, Excellent Urban and Rural Planning Projects, Beijing Municipal  Commission of Urban Planning, 2011 (18/20)

[9]    Honorary Mention, “Celebration of Cities 2”  UIA International Ideas Consultation, 2006 (2/2) 

[10] Second Prize, “Celebration of Cities” UIA  International Ideas Consultation (China-Region), 2004 (1/2)



Journal papers

[1]   CHEN  Yulin.  Characteristics of Sales and Service Employment Population in Chinese  Mega-cities: Cases of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Modern Urban  Research, 2016(11): 59-64, 92

[2]   CHEN  Yulin, Tianren GE,  Qiang LI. Are Chinese Megacities Becoming a Risk Society? A Comparative  Study of the Public’s Risk Perception in Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul.  Urban Development Studies, 2016(10): 52-59

[3]  CHEN  Yulin.  Bio-Principled Cities: the Making of Urban Ecological Cycles, Report on  the Eleventh Proceeding of the Thinking Architecture Tsinghua Forum.  World Architecture, 2016(7): 10-11

[4]  CHEN  Yulin. Study of the  Mechanism of Citizenization to Self-employed Migrants in Mega-cities: A  Survey of the Nanhu Market in Beijing. Social Sciences in Guangdong,  2015(2): 204-213

[5]  CHEN  Yulin. Sociological  Research on the Evolution of Wet Markets in Wangjing Area of Beijing.  Journal of Urban and Regional Planning, 2015(2): 73-99

[6]   CHEN  Yulin. Thoughts on  the Investigation of New Rural Community Construction in Wugang County,  Henan Province. Beijing Planning Review, 2014(6): 87-92

[7]   CHEN  Yulin. Return to the  Rural Locale: Thoughts on Development Modes of Less-developed Small  Towns around Beijing City. Beijing Planning Review, 2014(5): 45-49

[8]  CHEN  Yulin, Qiang LI, Hui  ZHANG, et al. Reflections on Urban Safety Planning From the Risk Society  Perspective. Urban Development Studies. 2013(12): 99-104

[9]   CHEN  Yulin, Jiang Yang.  Countermeasures on Urban Transportation Development in the Rapid  Motorization: A Review of UK’s "Traffic in Towns” in 1963 and Its  Enlightenment to China. Urban Planning International, 2013(2): 112-117

[10]  CHEN Yulin.  Evaluation and Thoughts on Population Control Policies in Chinese Large  Cities in the Fast Urbanization Period. Modern Urban Research, 2012(7):  9-14

[11]  CHEN Yulin,  Yang JIANG. Review of Eco2 Cities: Ecological Cities as  Economic Cities. Urban and Regional Planning Studies, 2012(1) : 228-231

[12]  CHEN Yulin.  Chinese Traditional Mountainous Garden Design with Nature: A case of  Jingji Resort in Qing Dynasty. Hua Zhong Architecture, 2012(9): 88-93

[13]  CHEN Yulin.  The Exploration of Approaches to Historic Cultural Heritage Preservation  in Urban Fringe Area. Tourism Planning and Design, 2011(2): 56-61

[14]  CHEN Yulin.  Exploration of Historical Environment Protection and Development Methods  Based on Concept of “Shan-Shui-City”. China City Planning Review,  2010(3): 50-59

[15]  CHEN Yulin.  Artistic Structure of “Mountain-water-city”: A Case Study of Jixian  County, Tianjin, China. China City Planning Review, 2009(6): 33-40

[16]  CHEN Yulin,  TIAN Ruifeng, JIANG Yang. MIT School of Architecture and Planning. World  Architecture, 2009(1): 101-103

[17]  CHEN Yulin.  Review of Evolution of Mountain Policy in Alps and Experience of  Switzerland. Urban Planning International, 2007(6): 63-68

[18]  CHEN Yulin,  ZHU Wenyi. “My Understanding of the Fans-space”: Rethinking of Course  Assignment of “A Basic Theory of Architectural Design”. Journal of  Architecture, 2007(5): 60-62

[19]  CHEN Yulin,  ZHANG Yue. Form Follows Film: Notes of an Educational Practice by  Architectural Design Studio. Journal of Architecture, 2007(1): 18-20

[20]  LI Qiang, Yulin CHEN, LIU Jingming.  On the ‘Development Mode’ of Chinese Urbanization, Social Sciences in  China, 2012(7): 82-100

[21]  LI Qiang, Yulin CHEN. Exploration of  Social Risk Comprehensive Analytical Framework under the Context of  Urban Agglomeration. Social Sciences in Guangdong, 2012(2): 190-200

[22]  JIANG Yang, Yulin CHEN. Prospect on  Interaction and Synergistic Mechanism between City, Architecture and  Transportation. Planners, 2014(10): 117-121

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[25]  JIANG Yang, Peiqin GU, Yulin CHEN,  et al. Continuity of Street Facade Analysis with GIS: A Case Study of  Jinan City. Urban Transport of China. 2016(4): 1-7

[26]  SHAN Jun, ZHANG Yue, CHEN Yulin.  Learning from Film: Notes of an Architectural and Urban Design Studio of  "Film Beijing". New Architecture, 2008(1): 48-53

[27]  WU Weijia, Taofang YU, Tinghai WU, Liang  ZHAO, Yan TANG, Yulin CHEN, et al. The Evolution Rule of Urban  Function in Mega Cities and Its Reform: Strategic Reflection on Beijing  Capital Region Planning. Journal of Urban and Regional Planning,  2016(11): 59-64


Selected conference proceedings

[1]   CHEN  Yulin, Hao WANG.  Migrants’ Integration in Urban China: The Role of Individual, Community  and City-level Characteristics. The 10th International Association for  China Planning (IACP) Conference, Beijing, 2016.7

[2]  CHEN  Yulin.  Neighborhood form, food market and residents’ walk and bike access  patterns: evidence from Beijing, China. World Conference on Transport  Research-WCTR 2016, Shanghai, 2016.7

[3]   CHEN  Yulin.  Dual Structure of the Commercial and Service Employment Population in  Chinese Mega-cities: Case of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The 9th  International Association for China Planning (IACP) Conference,  Chongqing, 2015. 6

[4]   CHEN  Yulin. East Asia Is  Becoming a High-Risk Society: A Comparative Study of the Public’s Risk  Perception in Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul. Mega-cities at Risk and Urban  Transformation: The Seoul-Beijing 2014 Workshop, Seoul, 2014.8

[5]  CHEN  Yulin. Risk  Perception and Urban Planning Response in East Asian Societies: A  Comparative study of Beijing, Seoul & Tokyo. New Tendency of Urban  Transformation in East Asia International Symposium, Beijing, 2013.9

[6]  CHEN  Yulin. Disturbance  of Spatial Urbanization on Migrant workers’ Citizenization. A Case study  of the Demolishment of ‘N Market’ in Beijing. International Conference  on China’s Urban Transformation and Restructuring, Guangzhou, 2013.12

[7]   CHEN  Yulin. Study of the  Mechanism of Citizenization to Self-employed Migrants in Mega-cities: A  Survey of the Nanhu Market in Beijing. Annual Conference of Chinese  Sociological Association, Wuhan, 2014.7

[8]   CHEN  Yulin. Dual  Structure of the Commercial and Service Employment Population in Chinese  Mega-cities: Case of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Annual Conference  of Chinese Sociological Association,  Changsha, 2015.7

[9]   CHEN  Yulin. Thoughts on  New Rural Community Construction from the Urbanization Perspective:  Based on the Investigation of Wugang County, Henan Province. Annual  Conference of Chinese Sociological Association, Guiyang, 2013.7

[10]  CHEN Yulin.  Selection, Integration and Adaptation: Legacy of Traditional Regional  Design in the Capital Region, China. 47th ISOCARP Congress, Wuhan,  2011.10

[11]  CHEN Yulin.  Shan-Shui-City: A Chinese Spatial Planning Tradition and Its  Implications on Urban Sustainability. 46th ISOCARP Congress, Nairobi,  2010.9

[12]  CHEN Yulin.  Exploration of Historical Environment Protection and Development Methods  Based on Concept of “Shan-Shui-City”. Annual National Planning  Conference of China, Tianjin, 2009.9

[13]  CHEN Yulin.  Preliminary Exploration of Historical Architecture Development Strategy:  A Case Study of Jixian Historical County. Annual National Planning  Conference of China, Dalian, 2008.9

[14]  JIANG Yang, Xin ZHENG, Yulin CHEN,  et al. Polycentrism or transit-oriented development? The influence of  urban spatial structure on household travel CO2 emissions in  Jinan, China. Transportation Research Board Conference, Washington DC,  2016.1

[15]  JIANG Yang, Peiqin GU, Dongquan HE, Yulin CHEN, Qizhi MAO. Modelling Household Travel Energy Consumption  and CO2 Emissions based on the Spatial Form of Neighborhoods  and Streets: A Case Study of Jinan, China. World Conference on Transport  Research-WCTR 2016, Shanghai, 2016.7

[16]  JIANG Yang, Jingxian TANG, Wei LI, Yulin CHEN.  The Dilemma and Thinking of Promoting the District System in Residential  Planning. Annual National Planning Conference, Shenyang, 2016.9


Books and chapter

[1]  CHEN  Yulin. Housing and  Space of Migrants. In LI Qiang, ed. Urbanization and Migrants: Theories  and Research Issues. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2015: 197-214

[2]   CHEN  Yulin. Internet: New  ways of Expression of Public Opinions and Interests. In LI Qiang, LIU  Qiang, ed. Internet and Transitional China. Beijing: Social Sciences  Academic Press, 2014: 155-174

[3]  WU  Liangyong, et al. The Third Report on the Rural and Urban Spatial  Development Planning Study for the Capital Region (Beijing, Tianjin and  Hebei). Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2013 (co-author)

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