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Social Planning in Urban-rural Planning

Community Planning & Housing Studies

Sustainable Urban Regeneration

Urban Public Space Planning



Doctor of Engineering in Urban Planning and Design, School of  Architecture, Tsinghua University, 2007

Bachelor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University,  2001



Research Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science  (2013-2014)

Visiting Academic Staff, University of Amsterdam (2013)

Associate professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University (2012-)

Lecturer, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University (2009-2012)

Post-Doctor, Department of Sociology, School of Humanities and Social  Sciences, Tsinghua University (2007-2009)



--Project in charge

[1].   2016-, "Research on Community Planning based on Existing Spatial  Resource Renovation". Funded by Tsinghua-Xuhui Sustainable Community  Research Center.

[2].   2016-, "Age-friendly Community Planning and Design". Funded by the  Ministry of Civil Affairs.

[3].   2016-, "Yangguang Community Planning in Qinghe Jiedao". Funded by Qinghe  Jiedao.

[4].   2016-, "Community Needs Investigation and Assessment In Liangxiang,  Beijing". Funded by Tsinghua Urban Planning & Design Institute.

[5].   2016-,  “Teaching Innovation of Problem-oriented and  Interdisciplinary Social Investigation Course.  Funded by Tsinghua University.

[6].   2015-,  “Research on Teaching Framework of 'Urban Sociology'  Course for Undergraduate Students of Urban Planning.  Funded by Tsinghua University.

[7].   2013-, “Study on Influence of Public Space on Neighborhood Interactions  in Newly Built Communities in Beijing Metropolis based on Social Network  Perspective”. Funded by the Ministry of Education.

[8].   2013-, "Urban Design of Shiniuzui New District, Tongjiang County".  Funded by Shiniuzui New District Administrative Committee.

[9].   2013, “Assessment of Residents' Social Needs and Satisfaction in Poor  Culture Facility Areas in Beijing”. Funded by Beijing Municipal  Commission of Urban Planning.

[10].   2013, “Social Demography Study on Nannaoshikou Old District in Beijing”.  Funded by Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning.

[11].   2012-, “Study on Neighborhood Social Network in Urban Communities:  Beijing for Example”. Funded by the Ministry of Education.

[12].   2012, “Need Assessment of Public Service in Beijing Old City”. Funded by  Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning.

[13].   2011-, “Population, Resource and Environment Sustainable Development in  Xicheng District, Beijing City”. Funded by the Commission of Housing and  Urban-rural Development of Xicheng District, Beijing City.

[14].   2011, “Recreation, Tourism and Public Space Development in Nansha New  District, Guangzhou”. Funded by Guangzhou Municipal Commission of  Housing and Urban-rural Development.

[15].   2010, “Urban Development Orientation and Industry Spatial Layout  Research of Beibei District, Chongqing City”. Funded by National  Development and Reform Commission.

[16].   2008-2009, “Social Stratification Based on Energy Consumption Facing  Conservation-minded Society”. Funded by China Postdoctoral Science  Foundation (Special Class).

[17].   2007-2009, “Strategic Social Impact Assessment in Urban Planning”.  Funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (First Class).

[18].   2008-2009, “Study on Development Orientation and Urbanization Trend of  Changping District, Beijing City”. Funded by Changping District  Government, Beijing City.

[19].   2007-2009, “Spatial Development Strategy of Langfang City”. Funded by  Langfang City Government. (In charge of sub-project of “Social  Development”)

[20].   2007, “Newtown Development Strategies in Guangzhou City”. Funded by  Guangzhou City Government.

[21].   2006-2007, “Research on Housing Security System Focusing on Low and  Middle-Income Groups in Chinese Cities”. Funded by China Reform  Foundation.

[22].   2005, “Public Service Plan in Shunyi, Changping and Fangshan New Towns  in Beijing”. Funded by Beijing Municipal City Planning Commission

[23].   2004-2005, “Master Plan of Nanning City”. Funded by Nanning City  Government. (In charge of sub-project of “Social Planning”)

--Project participated

[1].   2016-, "Research on Macau Urban Development Strategies". Funded by  Policy Study Center of Macao Special Administrative Region Government.

[2].   2016-,“Land  Property Right, Consolidation and Rural Planning: Overall Utilization  and Implementation Mechanism Study of Rural Collective Construction  Land". Funded by Natural Science Foundation of China.

[3].   2015-, "Study on Urban Development Intensity Control and Land Use  Optimization in Beijing". Funded by Beijing Federation of Social  Sciences Circles.

[4].   2015-, "Urban-rural Planning Terms". Funded by China National Committee  for Terms in Sciences and Technologies.

[5].   2015-, "   Encyclopedia of China: Sociology"

[6].   2015-, "Optimization of Spatial Structure and Facade Improvement  Planning in Gulangyu, Xiamen". Funded by Xiamen Municipal Government

[7].   2014-, "Innovation in Community Governance in Qinghe Jiedao, Haidian  District". Funded by Office of Social Building, Haidian District.

[8].   2013-2016, “Policy Study on Beijing Building Academic Capital". Funded  by Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science.

[9].   2012-, “Architectural Design Database”. Funded by the General  Administration of Press and Publication of China, and the Ministry of  Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China.

[10].   2011, “Kunming Development Strategy and Long-rang Conceptual Plan”.  Funded by Kunming Municipal Government.

[11].   2010-2014, “Research on Planning and Construction Standards of Public  Facilities for Elders in New Communities in China’s metropolis”. Funded  by Natural Science Foundation of China.

[12].   2010-2013, “Conservation and Utilization Plan of Changtan Reservoir  Region in Taizhou City”. Funded by Taizhou City Government.

[13].   2010, “Research on Spatial Layout and Relative Social Problems of Social  Housing Plan in Beijing”. Funded by Beijing Municipal City Planning  Commission.

[14].   2010, “Guide for Social Housing Planning and Architectural Design in  Beijing”. Funded by Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and  Urban-rural Development, and Beijing Municipal City Planning Commission.

[15].   2010, “Aged Real Estate Development Mode Study”. Funded by Haier Group.

[16].   2008-, “Urban Planning, Construction and Management”. Funded by Beijing  Municipal Education Commission.

[17].   2008-2009, “Medium-and-long-term (2030, 2050) Energy Development  Strategy Study of China”. Funded by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

[18].   2008-2009, “Research on Energy Policies in Urban Building and Urban  Transport in China”. Funded by China Council for International  Co-operation on Environment and Development.

[19].   2007-2010, “Social Impact Assessment System of Involuntary Migration in  Major Construction Programs”. Funded by National Natural Science  Foundation of China.

[20].   2007, “Research on Energy Consumption Label System of Residential  Buildings in China”. Funded by the United Nations Development Program.

[21].   2006-2008, “Study on Social Factors in the EIA of China”. Funded by the  State Environmental Protection Administration of China.

[22].   2006-2007, “Research on Major Social Problems and Strategies within  Chinese Urbanization Process”. Funded by the Ministry of Education of  China.

[23].   2006, “Housing Program in Beijing City”. Funded by Beijing Municipal  City Planning Commission.

[24].   2005-2006, “Study on Beijing Land Use Planning based on Comparative  Analysis”. Funded by the Ministry of Land and Resource of China.




Urban Sociology

Community Planning and Housing Design

Urban-rural Social Comprehensive Investigation

Town Master Planning

Architectural Design


Comparison of Architectural and Urban Culture between East and West



2016-, Member of Specialized Committee of Big Data of Chinese Society  for Urban Studies

2015-, Researcher of China in Comparative Perspective Network Global

2015-, Expert of China National Committee for Terms (urban-rural terms)  in Sciences and Technologies

2013-, Member of Consulting Team of City Construction and Management,  Xicheng District, Beijing

2012-, Member of Editorial Board, China City Planning Review

2010-2013, Visiting Research Fellow, the University of New South Wales

2010-, Editor in Charge, China City Planning Review

2003-2008, Columnist of academic journals including Beijing Planning  Review, Urban Planning International, etc.



·        Excellent Paper, 7th Seek Truth Theory Forum Thesis  Competition, Urban Planning Society of China (2016)

·        Excellent Paper, Chinese Sociological Association (2016)

·        Excellent Report Instructor, Urban-rural Social Comprehensive  Investigation Report Competition held by National Steering Committee of  Urban and Rural Planning Education in China (2016)

·        Excellent Class Advisor, Tsinghua University (2016)

·        Second Research Achievement Award, Ministry of Education of China (2013)

·        Excellent Paper Award, National Steering Committee of Urban and Rural  Planning Education in China (2013)

·        Third Prize, Beijing Science and Technology Awards (2012)

·        Excellent Paper, 5th Seek Truth Theory  Forum Thesis Competition, Urban Planning Society of China (2012)

·        Advisor Award, 9th National Undergraduate Architecture Design  Competition, National Professional Guiding Committee of Architecture in  Universities (2010)

·        Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award, Tsinghua University (2007)

·        Excellent Award, 4th Youth Paper Contest, Urban Planning  Society of China (2007)

·        Excellent Prize, Architectural Design Award, the Ministry of Education,  China (2005)

·        First Place, WA China Architecture Award, World Architecture,  China (2004)

·        Excellent Thesis Award, Scientific and Technological Development Forum,  Chinese Academy of Sciences (2004)

·        Third Prize, ‘Celebration of Cities’ International Consultation,  Architectural Society of China & International Union of Architects  (China) (2003)

·        Second Prize, First National Ecological House Design Competition,  Architectural Society of China (2002)




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--Journal papers

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--Selected conference proceedings

[1].   LIU, Jiayan. Community Planning based on Socio-spatial Production:  Exploration in New Qinghe Experiment. "Seek Truth Theory Forum" in  Annual National Planning Conference 2016. Shenyang, China, 2016

[2].   LIU, Jiayan. New-type Community Planning based on Social Governance:  Relationship Reconstruction of Social, Space and Production. Annual  Conference of Chinese Sociological Association. Lanzhou, China, 2016

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[4].   LIU, Jiayan. Research on Community Service for the Aged based on Seniors  Card Data Analysis. Tsinghua Aging Industry Forum. Beijing, China, 2016

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