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School of Architecture, Tsinghua University 


Working Experience

YUAN Lin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Rural Planning at Tsinghua University. He has extensive work experience, including serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University (2013-2015), a Research Fellow in the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong (2015-2016), and a SPURS Fellow in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT (2022-2023). Additionally, he was seconded to work in the Department of Natural Resources and Planning in Hainan Province in 2019 for one year.


Education Background

Ph.D. of Urban and Rural Planning, Tsinghua University, 2006-2013 (Supervisor: Wu Liangyong)

B.D. of Urban Planning, Tianjin University, 2001-2006


Teaching Subjects

Urban and Rural Ecological Planning

Urban and Rural Planning and Design Studio


Research Fields and Hosted Research Projects

[Traditional Ecological Wisdom of Human Settlements]

1)      Research on the Construction Pattern, Formation Mechanism and Ecological Wisdom of the Human Settlements in Dujiangyan Irrigation Region Supported by GIS. Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), PI. 2018-2020

2)      Research on Traditional Practice Pattern of Human Settlements in Dujiangyan Irrigation Region and its Contemporary Ecological Civilization Value. Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education, PI, 2015-2018

3)      Research on Local Urban and Rural Ecological Planning and Design Model Based on Typical Traditional Irrigation Areas, Ministry of Education/Tsinghua University Special Project on Independent Research in Engineering, PI, 2019-2020

4)      Traditional Ecological Wisdom and its Contemporary Value of Human Settlements Practice in Dujiangyan Irrigation Area, Postdoctoral Science Foundation in China.  PI, 2014-2016

[Watershed Territorial Planning and Restoration]

5)      County Territory Spatial Planning in Inland River Basins’ Ecological Vulnerable Areas, Sub-project of the National 14th Five-Year Plan, PI, 2022-2025

6)      Research on the Comprehensive Improvement of "Mountain, Water, Forest, Field and Human Settlements" in Longde County, Ningxia Province, Ningxia-Tsinghua Institute of Water Networking, PI, 2020-2021

7)      Sanya River Basin Integrated Management and Utilization and River Estuary Conservation and Management Planning, Sanya Government, PI, 2023-

[Future Park City Planning and Construction]

8)      Optimization of Ecological Protected Areas in Metropolitan Areas, Sub-project of the National 14th Five-Year Plan, PI, 2022-2025

9)      Research on Optimization Model of Ecological infrastructure based on "Street Unit" to Improve Urban Resilience and Human Well-being, Beijing Social Science Foundation, PI, 2018-2022

10)   Park City Construction Planning - Research on Strategies, Paths and Guidelines for Ecological Value Transformation of Classified Green Spaces, Special Research Project of Chengdu Park City, PI, 2019-2020

11)   Research on the Synergistic Optimization Path of Ecological and Living Functions in Park Cities, Special Research Project of Chengdu, PI, 2019-2020

12)   Research on the Development of Human Settlements Theory and Park City Practice, Special Research Project of Chengdu, PI, 2019-2020


Ten Selected Papers

1)      Yuan Lin. Indigenous Chinese Thoughts on Ecological Practice of Human Settlements and Their Inspirations for Urban and Rural Planning in the Ecological Civilization Era: a Case Study of Dujiangyan Irrigation Region in Ancient Times. City Planning Review. 2020 (1): 63-71 (CSSCI)

2)      Yuan, Lin, Gao, S. Q. Transition of ideas of the rural area preservation in Dujiangyan irrigation region at the new era and its prospect. Journal of Urban and Regional Planning, 2018. 10(4): 161-178. (CSSCI)

3)      Yuan Lin. City Park Systems and Human Wellbeing: On Park City for People. Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2018(10): 39-44 (CSCD)

4)      Yuan Lin, Yuan Lin(F). Regional Collaboration in Ecological Infrastructure Construction: Contemporary Inspiration from Ancient Water System Governance in Dujiangyan Irrigation Area. City Planning Review. 2016 (8) (CSSCI)

5)      Yuan Lin. Controversies and Consensus of Green Heart Strategy in Randstad Holland during 60-year Development and Their Inspirations for Contemporary China. Urban Planning International. 2015 (6) (CSSCI)

6)      Yuan Lin, Yuan Lin(F). Regional Human Settlements and Large-scale Landscape Design Concept in Ancient Shan-shui Painting: A Case of the Long Scroll of The Shu River (Chengdu Region Section) in the Song Dynasty. Chinese Landscape Architecture. 2014(11): 113-116 (CSCD)

7)      Yuan Lin. The Traditional Adaptation Experience in China and its Inspiration for Flood Mitigation in Contemporary Human Settlements: A Case of Ancient Dujiangyan Watershed. City Planning Review. 2014(8) : 78-84 (CSSCI)

8)      Yuan Lin. Spiritual Realm and Wonderful Habitat Environment: Research on a Deep Ecological Practice through the Case of Ancient Chengdu. Chinese Landscape Architecture. 20146: 32-36 (CSCD)

9)      Yuan Lin. The Order of Traditional Urban Landscape in China: A Case Study of Ancient Chengdu. Journal of Urban and Regional Planning. 2013.7: 241-256  (CSSCI)

10)   Yuan Lin. Regional Polycentric Governance for Resilient Development: Traditional Wisdom from Dujiangyan Irrigation Region. Asian Planning Schools Association 2017Beijing, China,2017.10APSA2017 Best Paper


Five Selected Books/Chapters/Reports

1)      Yuan Lin (co-author: Wu Tinghai). Park city and High-quality Development of Living environment / Chengdu Park City Construction Leading Group. Park City-Chengdu Practice. Beijing: China Development Press, 2020

2)      Yuan Lin. Creating Ecological Regions: Indigenous wisdom of sustainable living in Dujiangyan Irrigation Region. Beijing: Chinese Architecture Industry Press, 2018

3)      Yuan Lin. Investigation Report on Hainan Province Planning Project in the Perspective of Land-Sea Integration, 2019

4)      Hu Jie and Yuan Lin. Review and prospect of Shan-shui city thoughts in the new era / by Hu Jie et al. Shan-shui City – Ideal Human Settlements. Beijing: China Construction Industry Press, 2020.6

5)      Yang Rui, Liu Hailong, Zhuang Youbo, Yuan Lin. Water vein - Culture vein - City vein: Research on Historical Water System Planning in Beijing. Beijing: China Construction Industry Press 2021


Research Award

1)      Young Science and Technology Talent, High-level Science and Technology Innovation Talent Project (Territory Spatial Planning) of Ministry of Natural Resources in China, 2022

2)      First Prize of Science and Technology Progress, Urban Planning Society of China, 2021 (10/15)

3)      Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress, Landscape Architecture Society of China, 2020 (1/1)

4)      Science and Technology Award (Special Award for Outstanding Scientific and Technical Papers), Urban Planning Society of China, (1/1)

5)      Best Paper Award (Best Paper), International Conference of the Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA), 2017 (1/1).

6)      HKU Research Fellowship, 20151/1);

7)      First Prize for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation, Tsinghua University, 2013 (Outstanding Doctoral Graduate, Tsinghua University, 2013)


Teaching Award

1)      Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor, Tsinghua University, 2017.

2)      First Prize of Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement, 2018 (11/11).

3)      Outstanding Faculty Award for Online Teaching, Tsinghua University, 2020 (1/1)

4)      Annual Outstanding Faculty, Tsinghua University, 2020 (1/1)

5)      Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor, Tsinghua University, 2022.

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