Department of Architecture

Founded in 1946, the Department of Architecture is the predecessor of the current School of Architecture. The department, currently, is mainly responsible for architectural and relevant courses and providing bachelor, master and Ph.D programs. By the end of 2012,there are 44 full-time teachers in the department with five research orientations. These are, firstly, Architectural Design and Theory, which includes Architectural Design, Design Theory and Criticism, Theater Design, Expo Architecture Design and Campus Planning; secondly, Architectural Design and Technology, which includes Parametric Design, Green Architecture and Architectural Tectonics; thirdly, Architectural Design and Society, Culture, Art, which includes Regional Architecture, Architectural Design for the Aged and Building Programming; fourthly, Urban Design and Theory, which includes Urban Design, Urban Design theory and Urban Aesthetics; and fifthly, Architectural History and Theory, which includes Chinese Architectural History, Foreign Architectural History, Architectural Theory and Architectural Heritage Preservation.

Department of Urban Planning and Design

The urban planning education in Tsinghua SA started in 1947 with the opening of the Urban Planning course by Prof. Liang Sicheng. Later in 1951, Prof. Wu Liangyong set up the urban planning teaching group and in 1952, the School initiated both undergraduate and post-graduate programs in urban planning. The department obtained the doctoral degree granting authority in 1981 as one of the first few institutions with this authority nationwide. Since the founding of Tsinghua SA in 1988, the department is mainly responsible for teaching and research in urban planning, providing undergraduate, master and PhD programs. By the end of 2012, the department has 31 full-time teachers in seven research orientations: urban and rural history and theory, regional planning, urban planning and management, urban design, housing and communities, rural and urban heritage conservation, urban planning technologies.

Department of Landscape Architecture

The landscape architecture education in Tsinghua SA started in 1951 with the "garden group", which was jointly organized by Tsinghua Department of Architecture, Beijing Agriculture University and the Construction Bureau of Beijing Municipal Government. The Department of Landscape Architecture was founded in 2003, with Prof. Laurie Olin (Academician of the U.S. Academy of Sciences, former head of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Harvard Univ., professor of U Penn) as the first department head. The department is now mainly responsible for teaching and research in landscape architecture, providing master and PhD programs. By the end of 2012, the Department has 7 full-time teachers in five research orientations: theory and history of landscape architectural, garden and landscape design, landscape planning and ecological restoration, landscape architectural heritage preservation, related technical sciences.

Department of Building Science

Department of Building Science was established in 2000 from Tsinghua SA's Building Technology discipline and the Department of Thermal Engineering's Building Environment and Energy Engineering discipline (formerly HVAC discipline). It has now built up a core faculty team made up of an Academician, Yangtze Scholars, Outstanding Youth Fund Scholars, Beijing Famous Teachers, the Ministry of Education?s Talents for the New Century, winners of the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award and Beijing Science and Technology New Stars. By the end of 2012, the department has 28 full-time teachers, mainly responsible for the teaching and research in the above two secondary disciplines. The department has taken the leading position in several fields of study both domestically and worldwide, including building energy efficiency, green building and building environmental quality, etc.

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