2018 Beijing Science and Technology Award Announced

Six Tsinghua University Projects Won First Prize, Two School of Architecture Projects Won First and Third Prize.

On the morning of March 1, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Beijing Municipal Government held the 2018 Beijing Science and Technology Award Conference. The Municipal Party Committee secretary Cai Qi and the Municipal Party Committee vice secretary and city mayor Chen Jinning presented the award certificates to distinguished scientists and honored their research achievements, offering congratulations for their contributions to the construction of the national sci-tech innovation center. At this year’s award conference, Tsinghua University won 33 awards including 6 first-class awards. Tsinghua took the lead/acted as go-between for 15 of the 33 awards, namely 5 first-class awards (accounting for 21% of the total first-class award number and resulting in the highest ever award number in Tsinghua’s history), 5 second-class awards, and 5 third-class awards. Among them, the project themed “Research and Application of Key Technologies of Green Public Building Environment and Energy Conservation Design” by Tsinghua University School of Architecture professor Lin Borong and his team won first prize; the project themed “Clean Energy System, Key Technologies and Large-scale Application of Rural Buildings” by professor Yang Xudong and his team won third prize.

At the 2018 Beijing Science and Technology Award Conference, a total of 212 projects won prizes including 24 first prizes, 58 second prizes, and 130 third prizes. These achievements serve to create an innovative country, push further and move boundaries of international hot topics, promote high-level economic development, and enhance the leadership and global impact of the national sci-tech innovation center.


Professor Lin Borong’s team at the 2018 Beijing Science and Technology Award Conference

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